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      We offer the entire tooth replacement process in one place!

      Many offices require you to go to another location or dental specialty practice to receive the surgical portion of the implant procedure. Then, return much later for the restoration portion which includes the final abutment and crown. Our office provides you with:

      • Less time by not having to schedule multiple doctor visits.
      • Less confusion by paying one fee for the procedure instead of one fee to the specialist for the surgery and another payment for the restorative procedure.
      • Less waiting because we create your final abutment and crown with our in-office Cerec machine. No waiting on a dental lab or an extra appointment to receive your final tooth.

      We invest in technology in order to provide you with the most ideal results

      • CBCT – We have the ability to take a 3D image of your jaw, which allows us to pre-plan your implant procedure digitally. This makes for a quicker and more accurate implant procedure.
      • Guided Implants – With the use of the CBCT and our Cerec machine, we create a custom guide for your implant. This allows us to turn the digital plan into a reality and put your implant in the most ideal position for your final tooth.
      • Cerec – The Cerec machine not only creates the implant guide, it also creates the final abutment and crown. By not having to wait on a lab to design it, we save you time.

      We want to make the experience comfortable for you

      We understand that tooth loss can be stressful and that many patients have dental anxiety. That is why we offer services to make your tooth replacement easy and pain-free.

      • Anxiety-free – We offer dental sedation and numbing procedures to calm your fears. Most patients have little to no discomfort during or after the procedure.
      • Custom Procedures – Our treatments are customized in order to give you the quickest, most cost-effective, and absolute best results.
      • A Relaxed Environment – You may feel stressed when you think about the dentist, but our office is designed to make you feel right at home and relaxed. Our staff cares about you, so never hesitate to let us know how we can accommodate you.

      How We Are Different

      Technology To Improve Your Results

      We have invested in the latest technology to give you more accurate, faster, and better results with guided implant procedures. Using CT scan and 3-D imaging, we are able to visualize and precisely plan for the most ideal placement of your dental implant. Once the procedure has been completely planned out in 3-D on a computer, a “guide” is created specifically for your procedure in order to execute your custom plan with extreme accuracy. This means we can give you the ideal procedure along with a fantastic, natural-looking smile in a fraction of the time!

      How We Make Implants Easier For You

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      Increased Confidence

      • Take pride in a great looking smile
      • Look younger immediately
      • Facial structure is corrected reversing your aged appearance
      • Better health makes you feel like you once did
      • Smiling more is medically proven to enhance mental health
      • Studies show that both men and women list a nice smile with nice teeth as one of the most attractive features

      Greater Chewing Ability

      • Renewed chewing force up to 100% of previous strength
      • Unlimited food choices
      • Never have to take teeth out to clean
      • Teeth never move out of place
      • Dental implants are made to last decades
      • Feel and function like natural teeth

      Improved Health

      • Studies show people with healthy teeth live longer
      • A better diet prevents problems like obesity and diabetes
      • Improved mental health because of self-confidence
      • People missing teeth have increased risk of death from heart disease
      • Better social life due to a confident smile
      • People view others with nice teeth as more intelligent, smarter, and more attractive.

      Learn How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

      Increased Confidence

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      Greater Chewing Ability

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      Improved Health

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